Figures out of legend.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

Well much to my amazement, one of the great figures of legend arrived in the land this evening. There is a tale of Good King Benefice long ago in Avalon history that most consider a myth.

It seems the good king used to travel about his kingdom in disguise long ago handing out presents and toys to his subjects. Most of his subjects, of course, knew it was him but they pretended not to recognize him. Every year he would do this, bringing

joy during the good times and hope during the bad times. It is no wonder then that his kingdom thrived. Or perhaps it didn't thrive so much as his generousity was so great, the bad times never seemed half as severe.

It came to pass that the good king grew old and was it became harder and harder for him to perform this service year after year, especially as his kingdom grew in physical size and population. But he was so dedicated, he rested for weeks in advance an

d was forced to take to his bed for longer and longer periods of time after his annual trips.

Finally, after one particularly long and arduous trip, the good king died blissfully in his sleep. All in the kingdom grieved, knowing that with the passing of this great man, passed also a great era of prosperity for the kingdom. Indeed, his generous

ity inspired neighboring kings and queens to make their own gesture of giving and many feared his passing would mean an eventual end to this traditional practice.

But lo and behold! The next year a familiar figure appeared in the streets of Benefice's kingdom, giving out gifts and toys. Many assumed it was old king Benefice's chancellor or chamberlain for the old king had had no sons to take up his mantle. Yet

the old king's servants seemed as puzzled as everyone else and so many gifts would have involved many craftspeople and number of others, yet no one had comissioned the gifts nor was the craftsmanship familiar to any in the town. And what's more--all t

he people in neighboring kingdoms received gifts from a cheerful old man as well.

An itinerant priest passing through the kingdoms smiled at the take and informed them all that the gods, seeing the generousity of the old king had restored Benefice his health and stamina. The gods set him among a remote clan of dwarves who were cha

rged to help him create clever gifts and presents and gave him mystic transportation so that he could make his annual trip and distribute his gifts to all.

But his travels took him across lands far away and he was rarely seen near this region. It seems that he has now included the 4 cities and lands surrounding them in his annual trip, bringing gifts unto you now.

Truly, thou art blessed to have attracted his attention and regard.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Eleuthral, in the year 1009.