Mute, moot, whatever.

Cuchulainn, the Rainforest Rangerto Everyone

Yairi and Plaman,

I have no small respect for the pair of you. However, I think it only reasonable to point out that what is \"fair\" by Thakrian standards may not be by other standards.

This is not a dig at your city's morals or lack thereof (though that would be fun), it is a simple statement.

It is not fair simply because you think it so. The terms you proposed were not equitable in my eyes or those of some others. Perhaps if you were serious about pursuing truce you might have bent on your proposal.

As it appears, it looks more like you (Plaman) used your considerable strategic skills to figure out that your rapidly deteriorating relationship with Springdale could cause you problems. Like any sensible General, you doubtless wished to avoid fight

ing a two front war.

You'll forgive me for thinking you're not so naive as to make an offer that gains you nothing. I would expect no less.

But don't get preachy about \"fair\" offers. A fair deal is one that pleases and displeases all parties equally.

With all my undying love,


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Paglost, in the year 1008.