Lord Arthor, Scion of Darknessto Everyone

Having been stripped of every item I owned, while in that strange state of unconsciousness, and having also been yelled at for merely killing someone who seemed to be there as well, I thought I would post a few ideas.

This is not an excuse. If someone of their own violition decides to leave their body thusly open to attacks, he should not complain about what happens to him. There is certainly no safety offered by this strategy.

Now, certainly if someone is moving troops, while not here in spirit, they DESERVE to be killed. Just because marching is boring and somewhat safe, does not mean that one should have immunity while they choose not to be here.

Also, if a person is picking locks, or in an enemy city, or some other such restricted place, he should not be so foolish as to sit defenceless.

I believe that this is called idleing and it has been made clear that it is looked upon disfavourably.

There is no great honour in killing someone who does not fight back. It is not a testament to the prowess of a fighter. But in many cases it it quite necessary.

Lord Arthor, Scion of Darkness

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 1008.