Loremaster Yairito Orielle, Warfarin's Lady

The alignment \"label\" that one hangs on a city, be it evil, good

or n-e-u-t-r-a-l is largely irrelevant.

The true alignment of city is determined by the actions of her citizens, not

by a label.

Although Springdale still has a few truly neutral folks, they are rapidly

becoming a minority.

Your fighters constantly provide cover for the Mercinians, constantly

attack, strip and kill Thakrians within my city, and have

taken the concept of \"teaming\" to new heights.

One of your wizards, aided by an as yet unidentified seer, has

now taken to killing Thakrian pacifists.

Speaking of pacifists, you threw a shouting fit last night after Guinni

sent a portal to Plaman.

You called this \"an abuse of PW\", even though she had no way of

knowing that Plaman was being teamed at the time.

I was there and sent a portal at the same time in response to his request

and I did not know he was being teamed.

You recently portaled Saphir out of a Thakrian storeroom he had just

looted, and you have twice this week rattled your war saber at me.

Both sterling examples of pacifist behaviour I would say.

You and your citizens are, of course, free to do what you wish

in terms of actions and alignment.

But please knock off the hypocrisy.

Avalon is changing and Springdale has truly become THE evil city.

We yield the title to you.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midwinter, in the year 1008.