Rumour mill.

Indeed the rumour mill has been active. the problems with rumour is that sometimes they contain not a speck of truth.

I do not know where you obtained this rumour, but I think we all realise there are great changes ahead. Some of the more well known members of this land may well depart for an alternative time frame.

Perhaps you should ask Culinane to look into the situation for you? He always seems to have his finger right on the pulse in Thakria (I wonder how he does that?)

The fact is Giliad, there will be major changes in every city over the coming months, some good and some bad. But whatever changes go on in Thakria with regards to the Princehood are A: no business of yours, and B: will be a concensus between all of t

he acting barons


Written by my hand on the 6th of Ilmarael, in the year 1007.