Castigere, the god of justiceto Everyone

Mortals, we have placed a great deal of trust in your judgement. And you have

abused that trust. We have given you the ability to construct buildings for

your cities and guilds, but you have failed to do so wisely. Today, whilst

wandering the land, I discovered buildings constructed in the most

ridiculous places. I saw two warehouses built off a wooden bridge. I saw

two buildings constructed within the storeroom of a essencing warehouse.

I saw these and many more incredible feats of twisted engineering today.

Tomorrow I shall demolish any buildings I deem inappropriate. Consider this

your first and only warning to remove commodities stored within. And if

further buildings are constructed without reasonable thought, then I shall

simply withdraw your ability to construct, period.

Castigere, the god of justice.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Paglost, in the year 1006.