Here goes your public apology.

Alright I have suffered under divine wrath personally before for a time and delt with it. I was more then willing to deal with what punishment you saw fit for ME. However I can not stand by why you punish my entire city and help the other 3 cities j

ust because you took offense to something I said in my city post to my citizens when there is something in my power to change it.

I therefore apologize to Proteus in front of all of avalon for calling his public post inane ramblings on my city bb. As an older player I should know better then to say things about the gods no matter how I personally feel. I will refrain from maki

ng future comments about Proteus as he has let his power be shown. Again I swallow my pride and offer up a humble public apology I hope Proteus accepts.

The 50k essence will shortly be forthcoming and I hope once this has been done Proteus will put things back to how they were.

Love me


Written by my hand on the 27th of Eleuthral, in the year 1006.