Changes to shop storerooms.

Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

Traditionally it has always been a possibility that shops, if

left unprotected and neglected, could be targetted by thieves

and have their stock removed. Changes to shop storerooms

stopped this due to permission being denied to any enemy, #

despite the fact they may be stood there undetected with the

correct key in their hand.

So, to remedy this odd state of affairs, general protection

will soon be removed from shop storerooms. This will mean

that both city protection and the correct runes will need

to be used to ensure the owner can go about his legitimate

business unmolested.

This measure has been taken because there are plenty of

safe places within Avalon these days, and there really is no

need to make shop storerooms safe when perfectly legitimate

skills can be employed to make them safe. If you own a shop

and don't know what these are, then seek a meeting with your

local friendly security advisor, the change will take place soon.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Midwinter, in the year 1006.