Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

Okay, this is a little short notice, but I am planning to run a quiz this Saturday at midnight (as Saturday turns to Sunday). Since this Sunday at 2 am, we turn our clocks back, there will be plenty of time to get some extra sleep afterward. (Especial

ly since I have never run a quiz before and will probably take awhile to work the mechanisms.)

The quiz is being co-sponsored by Dworkin, so if I can't make it or am utterly incompetent at working the scoring, he is available.

Entry will be typical-credits, gold or lessons, the amount to be determined later.

Because of the timing, some of the questions may be of a Halloween theme so get out your Washington Irving and Wiccan Samhain celebration reference books.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Skyelong, in the year 1005.