You do make a valid point I thought of after the post. However in the current state warfare is in it is just a number game any future changes to warfare to make it diffrent will indeed be welcome. And as for the sessibleness of someone surrounded by

troops being attacked I thought of it on the fact that the leader was often times easily picked out from the group he lead and targetted. An example is of the general or captain being mounted on a horse signaling the charge an easy target for archer

s to pick off and happened a bit. However if we refer to some current times I suppose the general should be sitting in an office somewhere planning where his troops are and radioing in or in our cases mailing letters to his troops to move.

The post was brought on by the fact that warfare is currently very tedious, long and boring and until any new changes are put in to change the dynamics of it this command takes away any current planning and skill involved. Until changes are put in wa

rfare is a race of who has the most citizens and who can be around for harvest or remember to check fishing nets more often. Not very exciting at all. I also thought on the fact that this new command takes away from those previous Field Marshall who

manuvered troops succesfully without this extra protection. But then that is only this perhaps not so humble mortals opinion on things.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Cloudburst, in the year 1005.