A New Discovery.

Culinaneto Everyone

I came across a strange desk filled with documents when I was drifting throught the Loremasters Guild. Among them were numerous parchments which purported to be from \"The Home Office in Ariadne City, Ariadne. \" Each document was called \"Top Ten List fr

om Late Night with Loremaster Yairi\" Needless to say I was intrigued to see what this was all about, and what my own son was doing up past midnight. One particular \"Top Ten List\" caught me eye, and seemed relevant to a very recent post on the board he


This one was called \"Top Ten Apologies Being Demanded by Threap\"

10) Bezejeth should apologize to me for that thing he does every time I run to him. I can hardly sit on my unicorn!

9) The Angel of Death should apologize to me for not hitting harder. How am I ever going to kill anyone?

8) Silvanus should apologize to me for bugging me in the forest.

7) Orthwein should apologize for kicking me out of his Order! It wasn't my fault that the orcs kept killing me over and over.

6) Culinane should apologize for having those gems. One of them he got through cheating and the other ones he only fluked into.

5) Sturge should apologize for having his gems too. I bet he cheated or got lucky. That's why they call him Lucky Cluck. I am better than both of them.

4) Xanthe should apologize to me. I don't know what she did, but I bet it was something and I blame her for it. All of it.

3) \"Hey! Dammit Bezejeth! Ow that hurts! Stop doing that! Ok! Ok! Just don't tell anyone. \"

2) That no good Magellan is always cheating. He should apologize to me. And Castigere should apologize to me to for zapping me when he found me abusing a bug.

1) Genesis and Apollo should apologize to me for creating Avalon. Somehow this is all their fault.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Midwinter, in the year 1005.