Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

Next Saturday, I am tentatively scheduling a contest at noon EST/5 pm GMT. The format is one I have been considering running during the next round of gem quests. (Please don't ask me when the next gem quests will be, I don't know and you will run the

risk of being zapped if I take offense at your implication that I am not enough of a god for you that you want a new one.)

The format will be team combat, but with a little bit of a fun twist. Participants will fall into two categories-contestant and supporter.

A contestant is anyone who signs up who has better than 1070 health/mana, so you have a week to get your health up if you want in. Supporters will be anyone else who wants to participate, regardless of health.

The first round will probably be fought between two teams of three. A contestant will be called and then (here is the fun part) a profession will be called and the contestant gets to pick any supporter OR other contestant of that profession to be on

their team.

A contestant gains a point every time the opposing contestant dies during the timed round, not matter how. But, to encourage team work, the contestant will lose a point every time a supporter dies. (So protect your supporters)

If you pick another contestant to support you, every time you die, they lose a point--so you can really get back at an old enemy by forcing them to have to protect you. However, if they make a kill, they get half a point, so watch that you arent setti

ng up your rival to succeed.

After the first round of fun, the competitors with the 8 highest scores go on to a doubles round where they pick a single partner. For this round, all previous scores are wiped and points are awarded anew. The competitor with the highest score will wi

n some lovely prizes from me. It wont be a gem, but will be useful just the same.

I am looking to this format to do a couple things-1-negate mages who just sit in rits. 2-Add a little spice by making people work with professions randomly selected. 3-Encourage a little strategy in the picking of partners and in co-ordinating efforts

as a team to keep each other alive.

True, the format favours teams that are bold and quick rather than those who sit and defend (though a person ahead in points may chose to do just that to safely earn point and guard against loss) I may decide to award extra points for using seldom use

d skills to make the kill (which I will distribute to other gods so no one says i was cheating) like slaying with scatterspray or disease rune.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Hindyear, in the year 1004.