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Loremaster Yairito Omacron SilverWings

You are quite correct when you said that Thakria had invaded Mercinae prior to your

city doing the same to us.

That invasion was done under the leadership of Lady Kylan.

As you said, we razed MUCH of your city.

Then we marched home.

When Culinane and Sturge invaded Thakria, the result was a TOTAL razing of Thakria

and 10 long years under a restrictive peace treaty.

In retrospect, your city's actions did Thakria a huge favour as it taught us to be


It taught us to be resouceful and we learned how to cooperate as a city.

In the interim, Mercinae has grown fat and lazy and disorganized.

As good citizens of Avalon, we Thakrians only wish to repay the favour to Mercinae.

If we burn you to the ground, it will be out of love and respect for you, and in the

hope that you too will learn the lessons of history.

Have a nice day.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Agamnion, in the year 1003.