Parrius and the End of Mercinae.

A simple equation it is, Conan. Mercinae attacked and burned our city to ashes

for little more than a belief that they are 'good' and we are 'evil'. Their

holier than thou attitude is now dragging you into the mire of their self

righteous, self centered and moralistic war, as we turn upon them and

prepare for the release of myriad dark legions that will see their city

not only razed unto the ground, but abandoned and lost amongst the

weeds and trees of the sickening forest that shall grow about it. So

complete will be the devastation that the name of Mercinae will be lost

in time, the words of it's weakling rulers stripped and scratched from

the pages of history, and the blood of it's pathetic defenders shall

stain the cracked rocks brown, to become naught but a whispering memory

of any vain glorious self worship it may once have had.

Be warned, Parrius, before it is too late. Suffer not for THEIR war, for

their crimes against us. Step aside, lay down thy blades against the

rising dark, and perhaps yet you may be spared.

Innocent we never claimed to be, but Vengeful we are, and forgiving,

we are not.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Agamnion, in the year 1003.