I see you changed your mind about something Conan, that is so unlike you.

I too was a member of the small party who salvaged the poorly planted crops from your fields.

I felt pity for your citizens, that not one member of the Barony was in the fields picking for their future.

50% of your fields were empty, those that were planted were poor crops, badly grown through lack of tender care

Is this how you are going to win a war Conan? with a pitiful effort in the fields, and an even more pitiful effort on the front.

As I pointed out to Catt when he asked why I picked his crops (Note how he says my fields, and my city, and my crops - Standard delusions of grandieur)

An army cannot march on water alone.

Why don't you come back next year if you have a half decent harvest to march on.

Or are you going to rely on Springdale and Mercinae to bail you out.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Agamnion, in the year 1003.