The War.

Conan, Earthfriend, The Stormy Seato Everyone

Today I re-oathed myself as Field Marshall of Parrius.

The main reason that persuaded me to have a change of heart, were the words of support from my friends both Parrian and not Parrian.

Another reason was Zenichiro tired and hypocritical rhetoric on how much he 'cares' about Parrius and doesn't enjoy hurting my city.

Now for some rhetoric of my own (wolfish grin)

This War against Thakria began because of continued acts of aggression by Thakria against the inhabitants of Avalon.

Thakria would have us believe they are fighting a defensive war, a war of vengeance against Mercinae, that in some twisted way they are mostly innocent.

No, the reason why Mercinae, Parrius, the Rangers, and allies want to annihilate Thakria is because of the decades, no centuries of unprovoked attacks by Sorcerers, Cavaliers, etc. upon non-Thakrians.

We all know not all Thakrians are bad, but we also know Thakria is home to a large number of irresponsible and sadistic killers. We all know Thakria is where the bad men live!!

The purpose of this war is to defeat Thakria. No easy, but wars never are.


Who too remembers that Old Parrius was destroyed by Thakria, seventy years ago.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Agamnion, in the year 1003.