Divine misjudgment.

Giliad Silverhand, Merchant Bardto Everyone

Today I saw what I believe to be the worst crime against the fabric of Avalon that I have seen in years.

Mestopholies generously decided to brew for the land.

Three Sorcerers were at the brew, with FULL entourages of demons, showing an incredbile amount of leniency on Mesto's part since demons are normally not allowed in the Grove.

Panaideos attacked Mesto DURING the brew and was, of course, decomposed for his actions.

Mesto, being the caring soul that he is, still allowed Panai to stay to get the wurtfoil even after the attack.

When the brew was over, several people left, and a Sorcerer, Cordon I believe, attacked Mesto and forced him to follow him to Thakria or some other location.

Mesto escaped (I am not sure if he died, I did not have iorthir up) and returned to the Grove, where Panai attacked him AGAIN.

He once again used decompose to defend himself against the obviously violent attack, and was struck down by Orthwein for his actions.

When are Animists allowed to use Decompose????

Are they supposed to wait for themselves to be killed a few dozen times before it is right for them to use thier skills?

I have an idea, I think any knight who uses JJ on an opponent before that opponent attacks should be zapped instantly.

At least that might even the playing field.

Lady Brigantia, patron of the Animists, when are your followers allowed to Defend themselves?

Lord Orthwein, should Mesto let himself be killed or worse just out of fear of your wrath?

You once told me you never punish someone for voicing an opinion, well, here's mine - You were wrong.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Midsummer, in the year 1002.