Ummm, about that lake.....

Umm, Glow, I'm not sure how long you people have been drinking that Moonstone water in the apothecary, but, erm, there's something you should know.

As I'm sure you realize Springdale is the most recent city to be built in Avalon, and well, you know how environmental agencies go...

We were the \"new guys\" in town, so they let us slip a little on our sewage managment.

We now use essence-fueled incinerators to deal with our practical concerns, but in the not too distant past we \"may\" have dumped large quantities of Lead Paint, Raw Sewage, and animist/medical waste into Moonstone.

Had we known that Thakrians were actually drinking that stuff we would have been happy to alert you earlier..... however, growing up with lots of lead paint chips in the water would explain Threap and Arthor.....

It may be a sad occurance, but at least we all know what happened now. (shrug)


Written by my hand on the 24th of Cloudburst, in the year 1002.