Loremaster Skills.

Alkadar is correct, Arikarr.

For the longest time, Zenichiro has the run of everything, and could get into any place he wanted in Mercinae.

When Mercinaens and other complained, it was denounced as pathetic little huggies whining about the big bad Thakrians always being mean to us.

Allanon is evening the score now, with a highly aggressive and skilled Loremaster-type on both sides.

Both sides should stop whining about staves, traving into protected areas, killing little guys to get into guilds and such, since both sides can now do it with almost equal ability.

Lets put an end to the complaints about such things on this board. Best solution, if you think there is a rulebreaking going on, tell a god. If not, put it on the fighters board where such complaining is mildly more appropriate.



Written by my hand on the 7th of Mournsend, in the year 1002.