I salute the way you utilise your god given skills.

I am wondering what further non human occupants of the realm you can utilise to

even up this terrible situation of everyone trying to kill you at once.

I was amused the way you congratulated yourself that the evil Count Bejezeth could be

enlisted as an accomplice to your foul deeds.

Soon will come the day when you may spend all of your time in that dusty web

starwn hallway rabidly spouting how evil and powerful you are - its a shame

it is another continent as you will have only the spiders for company.

I look forward to stealing more silver from Thakria to make my aliies steedbane and warding runes

certainly without your mount or ability to take astral form your saling prowess would increase dramatically.

Then again no doubt you would still kill as those very clever demons you lead and powerful ccc's you enlist

carry on attacjking whilst you defend desperately clinging onto your pitiful life.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midwinter, in the year 1002.