This damage figuring.

I want nothing of this little fight between you and Allanon et al., but I just wanted you to know that your damage extimates are VERY skewed.

Your estimates of your opponents damage may be correct, I am not sure, since i don't really fight Blueskull or Allanon.

However, as most Sorcerers \"accidentally\" do, they fail to count in all those special little things your demons can do.

Sure, a knights JJ can do a whopping amount of damage, but the runes and poisons on it are what kill you.

At the risk of inflating your ego a lot more than it already is, assuming of course that that is possible, you do quite a bit more damage than you say in round about ways.

A sorcerer walks into a battle with a small army think your little ugly things just sit there and bite at the ankles of your opponents?

Geez, challenge Ire or Soulsucker or Dalziel sometime, you apparently have a lot to learn o master of Sorcerers.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Agamnion, in the year 1001.