A betting man.

Interesting how you calculate odds - I thought it was a relatively \"equal\" fight

Myself Arathorn and Blueskull (mostly at the mouth of the pit when not being dragged or pushed north)


Yourself (not an inconsiderable foe) The Demon Lords (bar Death) and of course that insignificant

little creature known as the Black Sun.

As party one would have difficulties killing the Sun all by itself I would say it was not

Outrageously unbalanced.

You do yourself and your profession credit by fighting and slaying multiple opponents

then undo it all by using mortality as you did then mouthing off.

And btw I think it ludicrous that a bard can ship a ghost by stripping the life potion - I

didnt know it was possible and certainly didnt even think to try it when I had the skill myself.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Agamnion, in the year 1001.