Boring subjects.

I don't think it gives someone an advantage, I KNOW it gives someone an advantage.

Allanon once made a pill inside the cavaliers guild. Myself and Arthor then spent the next 30 hours on shift making sure he never got a chance to use that pill.

If he had logged off within the guild, that vigourous and (RL) expensive defence of the guild would have been pointless as he could have logged on 10000 hours later inside the guild.

I always assumed every offensive act withing Avalon had a defence. There is no defence against logging off within a guild. Except to strip the offender within the 12 seconds it takes to log off again, as he would when he spotted the coast was not clea


Basically if allanon has a pill to your guild, give him a key and save the hassle. All he has to do is quit, wait 5 seconds and then eat pill, he will appear inside the guild just as the messenger arrives and before he can be attacked. He could then l

og on a RL year later if he chose and do what the hell he wanted.

Please explain to me how, when you explained to me that qq in fight was not acceptable as there was 'no escape route' it is acceptable in a hostile guild as apparently there is an escape route. (Told you you should block that 'MERC ESCAPE ROUTE' exit

in the guild Yairi...

) ... Ah well and people wonder why I became less active here due to the number of illogical W*****RS here...


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Agamnion, in the year 1001.