Relevance of my post.

I don't consider eating pills, making pills, or selling pills on the street corner to

be offensive acts in and of themselves.

My point (which you missed of course) was that invading an enemy guild is an

offensive act and should not be done while DP.

As for your losing DP \"if you had thought of it\", please give me a break.

Even YOU aren't dumb enough to lose DP in the presense of Threap.

Since you logged off in front of both Threap and me, your motives were quite clear.

As for your pills \"disappearing\" and your surprize re entry into the Grassy Knoll I

can offer no information.

If a God did this to you, I can only say \"Thank you Lord\".

I did not, however, ask for or expect any divine intervention.

Such an intervention, if one occurred, would have been due to the wisdom of a God and

is beyond the ken of mere mortals like you and me.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Leaflost, in the year 1001.