Boring rhetoric.

I could have sworn thou said that the subject matter of thy post was of importance..... must have misread that.

The simple reality is that Avalon is not real. Ghandi certainly never claimed to be immune from swords by virture of the god of life. \"I just died, rode the ship, and now have the protection of the gods,\" is a phrase that has never been uttered in t

he real world.

So please, save thy seemingly eloquent, yet pompous blathering of \"natural order of a world which operates on the basis of necessity. \"

Regardless of what thou want, or expect, no one probably cares.

Thy use of \"real life\" examples is misplaced. As I am sure thou know, any world with Warlocks, dragons and enchanted blades is not exactly medevil Europe.

Avalon is not perfect, <duck> everyone complains, but some of us like it.

Sir Arthor

Written by my hand on the 8th of Ilmarael, in the year 1001.