Your Meeting.

This is a long post and I offer no apology for that fact - the subject matter is of importance.

The certainty that nothing has or will come from your meeting is not surprising but does not diminish the worth of having held it - a start in the right direction normal comes from small beginnings.

Because of time difference (a constant problem in Avalon) I could not attend. However I do wish to post my viewpoint. (A suggestion: Would not a Customer Survey - for we all are customers - sent to each Email address be more effective?) - anyway;

The simple reality is that an ideal of \"total\" pkill or \"absolute\" pacifism has no place in the natural order of a world which operates on the basis of necessity. Yet despite this phenomenon, the programming of Avalon is in black and white with

no shades of grey.

Being a follower of compassion, (and unlike some, I do not confuse compassion with pacifism), I personally find it very difficult to enjoy my stay in Avalon as a PW, extremely difficult as DP and totally impossible without any protection at all.

Compassion is a mortal reality which many do not have for it places the saving of lives and the consideration of others above any self interest.

As a \"Compassionist\" I believe in the inevitability of war and in which case may choose to carry bandages or lead an army fights since both can be done with honour never resorting to personal in-fighting and plunder.

Single combat is a weakness born of egoism and I shall have no part in it, nevertheless I expect to die trying to save another - what I do not expect is to die by being attacked while logging, mining and/or performing any other non-combatant duty.

(I've died 27 times and every one without challenge and expect to do so every year during the time I shed PW) I also do not expect to be repetitively attacked without warning by some immature fighter because I happened to save someone from the

clutches of death. I also expect to be able lead an army into battle if I chose, but like every General in history (and not like those in fairy stories and movies) I expect to die only by a freak accident of war and not during one-on-one combat

unless my entire army has first been sacked - and I expect the same privilege accorded to my enemy - may the best army win.

I expected to CRY for support if an enemy enters my City and I expect the City Guard to respond ignoring things like Bloodlust, DP and PW status because it is not my enemy or me fighting but it is my City fighting its enemy

- if you want to be pedantic then prevent PW's from the Brand command but not the Cry.

I also expect to be Cried upon if I enter a city to whom I am enemy and I fully expect to die without sniffling and whining like some child not yet past puberty if, after hearing the cry, I choose to stay in the city instead of fleeing -

for it is ridiculous to think that a single fighter (or even an entourage) is any match for an army of City Guards.

Furthermore, I expect to use my Guild Skills fully in the SOI of my city including removing enemy staves, traps etc., while under protection for it is pathetic to regard removal of such devices from within my City as an act of aggression

instead of humanitarian nor is it strange to expect that the city Guards would protect me while doing so. I do not expect to be able place such devices under City protection outside my Gates needing an entourage of willing protectors in that case.

By the same token, I expect to be able to unattach my OWN runes from my OWN articles regardless of status or profession. I also expect to work in the city fields under the protection of City Guards for that is the reason throughout history that

that cities grew. They had a reliable and regular force patrolling the fields not one that relied on the harvest falling within a favourable GMT before defenders could appear.

Again it is not only pathetic but untenable to spend hours (and real money) planting only to lose everything because a time zone dictates that during harvest my city has a total population of 3 (of whom only 1 had full farming skills)

while the invading city a population 12. (and this occurs more often then not).

Finally, if no changes are to be made let us all stop posting the same boring rhetoric for we already know the proffered solutions to be unworkable - lets just get on with it warts and all - or go elsewhere.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Ilmarael, in the year 1001.