Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

Thanks to all who attended the debate I sponsored. It was better attended and more civil than I expected it would be.

The purpose of the debate was not to give mortals a forum in which to air their grievances in hopes that they would be addressed by the gods, though we are now aware of a few more bugs.

The debate/discussion was held because so many mortals have been approaching the gods individually with complaints about fighting tactics, questionable abilities, and questions. Instead of continually addressing these things one on one, a meeting was

called to discuss them on a larger scale.

I am sure many mortals went away feeling nothing has changed, and indeed, for the moment it hasn't. At most, those who attended are more familiar with the complaints of other mortals and have learned that they are not the only ones complaining about t

hese things. Mortals are also now aware of the policies of the gods in dealing with these complaints. There are no new policies so those of you who knew these things probably left with the same opinion about the policies as when you arrived.

You will notice that I said \"for the moment\" nothing has changed. I do think that some mortals left knowing that they had to change or at least help and encourage others to do so. As Orthwein pointed out, even though many benefit, it is the individual

developing his/herself which ends up counting for something. It became very clear that even though people were talking about when \"they\" attack and when \"they\" invaded, the discussion was really about individuals who developed themselves to act for t

he glory of their city.

Obviously, there is too many things for one person to do to insure victory and safety for the whole and so the individual depends on the group for many things great and sundry, but the individual is responsible for the growth and protection of the ind

ividual. When it comes down to it, the group is not responsible for the growth and protection of the individual. Others may contribute and stand beside you from time to time, but they are not ultimately responsible.

If there is one thing you carry away from the meeting or this post, I hope it is that.

Proteus, god of the sea

Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1001.