Baroness Aredhelto Everyone
Ooops, should have been \"Levels\"... ne'er mind.   Anyway, I personally preferred the old level system for two reasons:

a)  I had a nice large number for my health so I didnt have to worry too     much if I was surprised by a couple of nasties.
b)  It makes one feel a bit put down when you have spent a long time getting     to a level with \"Avalonian\" in it (even if it was only first level) and
    are then shoved into the Luminary category.

Are there still ten Avalonian levels? If so, I think it will be a lot harde r to get to the top than before - whether this is a good thing or not isnt really relevant I suppose but when you have been playing the game since two days after it went independently online it is a tad annoying. Oh well, thats my comment on the change, seeya, Aredhel

P. S. Sorry I couldnt make it to the meet but it was a friend's 18th and I was requested to attend a right royal p*ss-up. Since his birthday only occurs once a year and the meets are pretty regular now, I opted for the party - hope I didnt mess up the footy arrangements.