Interesting viewpoint but:

The only reason many have an aversion to pacifists is because they can't strip them which is the only real talent some so called fighters have got - and if this were not true then how about not doing it?

Secondly, I don't think anyone gives a damn about dying, because in case you haven't noticed, no one actually stays dead. More importantly, the few skill levels you lose by shipping you get back almost immediately by either staring at the

Light of Compassion or bashing - so where is the \"fear of dying? \". No dear Arthor, what people resent most is losing stuff that cost him or her hours of play and hence lots and lots of REAL money to get.

(and the resentment)

Cowardice Arthor is attacking those whom you know you will defeat just so that you can strip them and above all, cowardice is doing so without first Challenging. The height of cowardice is doing all of the previous by entrapment or in entourage

- and yes of course, none of this applies to you - and yes of course fighter number one is only doing it to fighter number two because fighter number two did it first and logically they will both do it fighter number three because two wrongs make a

right and everyone knows fighter number three is going to grow up to be strong one day so you better kill and strip them while you can.

But one point you did get VERY right was pointing out that a LOT of people use the mantle of pacifism because they pay their money to be here doing other things.

This is largely created because of the inadequacy of any real alternative and doesn't include DP or joining Thakria (as some have done) because these are really no alternatives at all.

But take heart, eventually those who are non-combatant rather than true pacifist will get bored with the BS and choose to withdraw their financial support by taking their money elsewhere.

On that day you will have your apparent ideal - a place filled with P-Killers and Huggies - what a wonderful world!

Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1001.