your post 15081.

Warfarin, Orielle's husbandto Seer Julian

Just for the record, every iffy-pw action that i think of performing is passed via Lord Orthwein for balance and playability.

If he says no, me dont do it, as I respect his opinion kindof lots.

If I'm soft enough to do something that is out of line, I expect to end up polishing the decks of the ship for quite a while...

Cheating by twisting pacifism rules is far worse than cheating through finding a bug, and consequently should be dealt with more harshly.

Fighters, Divinely Protected people, nor Pacifists should need to cheat, or twist rules. We are who we choose to play, which means Sir Arthor has as much right as me to be here...

In summary for everyone, stuff the whingeing, and play Avalon to the best of your OWN ability.

Grin, hope to see LOTS of people at Lord Proteus' meeting, with constructive debate, and maybe I'll arrive with a few flans as a slight snack.

Trust in your own abilities, no matter your home city, and I'm sure you'll win out.

Warfy, who's leaving Julian to follow the astral plains for a link between his post and this one.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Paglost, in the year 1001.