Explain please.

Hmm, not quite sure I understand your thinking on this.

Melchior is a pacifist, but joined you in attacking an enemy guild for profit I. e stealing the silver etc.

What he did is effectivly against all the precepts that a pacifist should live by.

Yairi on the other hand defended his guild with his life. Once he died, and realised he couldn't take on Saphir and you on his own, he chose the next best thing and took a ride for DP.

This mean't he could protect his guild, and basically thwart your attempts to steal from his guild.

His production of a tracking rune in order for me to try and disrupt your thieving is not an offensive act in any way. Neither was picking up the runes that belonged to him and his guild.

Wake up and smell the megillos, There is no excuse for melchiors actions. Its along the same lines as a pacifist stealing crops during harvest.

By trying to turn the argument on yairi you make yourself look a fool.

Stop it, it's embarrassing.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Paglost, in the year 1001.