Misguided Post.

I find your post to Melchior very amusing.

He did accompany me to the Loremasters guild and I was happy he was there just to teach

him that we can cause trouble of our own and to inspire him - the fact that he was divinely protected

really was not a factor here nor there because he did nothing apart from the off verbal abuse.

Yairi however was there - Yairi after letting me in bravely fought to eject but went sailing instead.

He then returned to his guild under divine protection to watch us and do the following:

1. Lead Acamus to come see us, not a huge deal but Acamus is one of the most offensive guild

tutors in the land.

2. Yairi then locked the chute that leads to the Loremasters guild underground locations

where the great Zenichiro stores the Longnight items.

3. Saphir picked the lock on the chute after 180 attempts and lukily had the sense to jump down the chute straight away

as Yairi proceeded to lock it again.

4. Yairi then makes an owl rune and gets Cimares to try and disrupt the stave felling I was doing.

5. And to cap it all when I felled the stave Yairi picked up the runes before I could.

Yairi committed all of the above actions whilst under divine protection yet you post to

Melchior criticising him -interesting Thakrian logic that.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Paglost, in the year 1001.