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Reborn Blueskull All Swords and Spiritsto Everyone

I have recently fallen foul of very low trick.

This particular trick is not a new one, nor does it take skill, cunning or daring. The only requirements of the 'tricker' are a complete disregard of obvious morality and a huge yellow streak across the belly.

It goes like this - wait for someone to challenge you - immediately portal to the challenger without returning the challenge and make murderous use of the lenghty period in which your would-be oppenent cannot take offensive action against you.

I wont bother naming the person that is continually doing this, as I dont want a mud-slinging match. What I would like to see however is the period of inaction following an challenge a) removed, or b) extended to both parties concerned.

Option b is open to abuse in that its possible people will use it to buy them time during a fight, but I see no harm in option a.

Comments please.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1001.