thats it.

Enchanter Forathto Proteus, god of the sea

ok i screwed up when i left yes that is true. i will give you the fact my gm as been praying for me. i do think for myself and you may be a god in this game but in life you do not know me. ok i am sorry i want you to know i offere many things but nothi

ng was worth any thing i am sorry i don't have that much i am sorry the one time i saw you on you killed me . i am sorry that you have your followers killing me. i am sorry you took my skills. i am sorry you took 5 of my levels. i am sorry that i can'

t give you any more . i am sorry that my suggestion seem to be a concrete thing to you. i am sorry you can not be fair and relize that the punishment you have given me is not fair . i am sorry i left your order ok i am sorry i gave you such an insult

if you kill me for this i can not stop you if you contuniue to take my skills i can't stop you if you hate me i am sorry i would like us to be friends but aparently you don't fine i am sorry

Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1000.