Today's Events.

Giliad Silverhand, Bard Savantto Everyone

After talking with a few of my friends, it has come to my attention that many do not even know what happened today.

So, here is the story, as I observed it. Please, if there are any errors, correct me.

The Master entered the land form his stronghold in Gant with a legion of underlings in tow.

Immediately the world began to change.

The forests burnt, the seas boiled, magic fell, and even the fates of men became unknown.

The powers of the gods seemed to be falling apart, one at a time.

The Master, having drained the world, demanded the surrender of Mercinae, Parrius, and Springdale.

Representatives of each city refused to relent, and the Master sent out his minions, including citizens of Thakria, to kill and pillage.

It seemed all hope was lost, but finally a shaft of light appeared on the horizon.

Orestes, the great Seer of the Greenwood, annouced to the world that the gems of the gods had been scattered across the land.

Each had to be found and placed in a golden chest in the appropriate temple..... the Emerald of Life was placed in Brigantia's temple, and so on.

Two of the gems were recovered fairly quickly.

However, many fell into the hands of evil, who promptly hide away the gems.

The forces of Evil then attacked Orestes, and I presume, slew him.

It is at this point that my soul become weary, and I retired to the arms of the gods.

I have heard that two more gems were recovered, which leaves 10 more out there.

It is the mission of all followers of light to capture these gems and send them back to their rightful owners


Written by my hand on the 10th of Eleuthral, in the year 1000.