Today's events.

Giliad Silverhand, Bard Savantto Everyone

As a bard, it is my calling to sing the songs of the Great adventurers I saw today. You darkened ones of Thakria may ignore this post, or respond to it in you normal childish manner, whichever you see fit.

The Master, my friends, is a strategist.

He made his attack on Avalon today while few children of the light were active, and while dark hearts roamed the land.

However, the day was not lost completely, as many fought with all thier might against the dark tide.

With the ever wise, ever powerful help of the great Orestes, I recovered two of the gems today, and sent them to the heavens.

Groog, wonderful Animist, and Wizard Kilthas of Springdale are to have the credit, though.

Once I had the gems, they guided me and protected me long enough to return the gems to the golden chests.

Lady Gwendolyn and Sir Jared also risked thier lives to help me accomplish my task.

Effort can be measured in accomplishments. However, it can also be maeasured in attempts at action.

When the Master began spouting his nonsense, I called the most powerful Warriors in the land to stand beside me and enter the fray against the Master and his ghouls.

Omacron, Prince of Mercinae and Blotto, a Coustodian of Parrius, responded and stood beside me bravely, though our attack was not meant to be.

Kes, the most Brave and Honorable Knight I have met, challenged the Master to single combat, and if I am not mistaken, destroyed him.

Avalon will not be the same without him, and I hope he returns.

My memory is fading quickly of this day, and I unfortunately was only present for the beginnings of the battle, but these heroes should never be forgotten, for they walked headlong into incredible odds and did not look back.

The battle is far from over, Avalon. I for one will be at Verlakmar's side. Parrians, Springdalians, Mercinaens...even those Thakrians whose hearts push them in the right direction... Will you stand with me?


Written by my hand on the 8th of Eleuthral, in the year 1000.