Astrologers Guild

Conanto Everyone

The Astrologers Guild is the ideal professional for those who seek power and knowledge, but wish to retain a balanced view of the world.

The Astrologers only principles are of integrity, tolerance, freedom, and generosity. Astrologers wield mighty Star Magic, that allows them fantastic long-ranged powers, making Astrologers excellent gathers of information and the ability to alter events in far away places. The Astrologers is no longer the saintly scrupulous and while anyone of non-evil alignment may ask to join - only those who have be interogated by me may join.

The Astrologers Guild is an excellent choice for those wanting power, but not at any cost, and at the moment has vacancies for new recruits. Should anyone , including Seers be interested, please contact me.

                                    Conan the fearless.