You're funny.

Culinaneto Sir Arthor, Scion of Darkness

And thus Arthor spoke: \"I will show thee the true meaning of power. \"

And all of Avalon was greatly amused.

Perhaps they were laughing at the former princeling who could not even retain power within his own city walls. Deposed by a mere threat, Arthor? Scrambling to become the first slave of a self-proclaimed Master? A fabulous legacy you have built for you


I have fought against some of Thakria's finest. Kylan and Loric come to mind. I also stood shoulder to shoulder with them against the Felgor. You shame the memory of that great cavalier and terrifying warlock by calling yourself a citizen of the City

that they had built so strong and by running to a Master in the hopes that he can achieve that which you know you could never achieve by yourself.

Dorita and her Parrian friends have chosen to stand on their own two feet. They will face the threat. You have succumbed to the Master's threat (in the vague hope that he will somehow make you and yours into his favourite pets) without even a fight.

How quickly history repeats itself.

It is you who are the coward, too frightened to face something that goes bump in the dark.

Finally, before you post again, why don't you have that school marm and strict grammarian Panaideos check your spelling? He is quick to point out the faults in other posts, I am sure he will happily assist you with your own.

Stand fast, Avalonians. Kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.

Culinane the Bard

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midwinter, in the year 1000.