re: Keep on Writing.

It is probably better to post public accolade over public insult if you are going to speak here loudly and often.

Nothing can contribute to earning the ire of the gods than the incessant postings of insipid comments the likes of \"you did this horrible thing while I acted with skill and honour\" and comments on the usage of skills that are thinly veiled suggestions

to the gods to make changes to skillsets.

Your high-minded, idealized vision of self-actualized humanity is greatly misplaced here and you seem to forget that judgement, reward and punishment are dealt by the gods here.

Your survival is not determined by gods' hate or love for you, but whether they remain indifferent to you.

Please do not encourage the posting of more ill-considered, worthless mindless tripe, I think Avalon has had more than it's fill of it so far.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Agamnion, in the year 999.