Now that's a reaction! (Chuckle)

And you have my deepest apology and thanks. First my apology for thinking that Hope represented a force hitherto unrecognised in the realms of Avalon.

One that had the means and originality to evolve into an Order that would suck the citizens from all sides breaking the conventional boundaries between Darkness and Light, Goodness and Evil for there is a little vengeance in all

and the very word is appealing to many.

Thank you for pointing out that it is in reality no more than an Order of Revenge (yawn) with nothing more bewildering about it than the same well used platitudes currently open to the puppies of Pangyron.

I will now continue to sleep well (thanks to you) despite this new Order stalking our Cities for it poses no greater or lessor threat than those we already have.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 999.