Artisan Ulyssis Runemaster of Mercinaeto Everyone

Yesterday, there were two fleeting moments when a child of wonder, Hope, passed me by. I had no opportunity to speak with her for her passage was swift. But I do remember well the very first time I saw her - she was but a babe and I a wondering fledg


I was one of the few people given the honour, and trust of her mother, to gaze upon her infant form as she lay snuggled in her mother's arms. It was at this time that Kylan, Hope's mother and a Lady of Ladies who has left an everlasting impression bur


into my very sole, told me of the visions she had for Hope.

\"Hope\", Kylan said, was the vision of a future her (Kylan's) enemies feared for she (Hope) was to bring vengeance upon the enemies of her mother. But the vengeance I interpreted as her mother spoke to me was not revenge, which is nothing but a sensele


\"eye for an eye\" type of retaliation perpetuated by those who lack imagination, but true vengeance - one where the citizens of the those places Kylan hated most would fall behind the leadership of Hope deserting their Cities and allowing them to fall


rubble to be forever nothing more than a part of History.

Be wary, dear citizens, for vengeance is stronger than Darkness or Light, it is a wine that takes years to make and once tasted is sweet and aromatic demanding that more and more be supped.

\"Vengeance is mine\", saith the Lord, for the Lord knew no mortal had the brains to do it right! Kylan has been elevated from mortal to divine form; so if the blood of her mother flows in her veins be sure that Hope will do it right.

I know not which City Hope favours, but when this is revealed, ye leaders of small minds and little wisdom prepare for mass migration!

Written by my hand on the 4th of Cloudburst, in the year 999.