Orthwein, the god of fateto Allanon

I realise that mortals have a tendency to view their own achievements are somehow exceptional and noteworthy. Older mortals in particular will often try to cow and intimidate any potential 'threats' by bragging and blustering about all sorts of things

they didn't really do. However, enough is enough. Perhaps time has clouded your memory, Allanon. Anyone could look back on a few choice posts by you,

and from that, read all about your opinions on the loremaster profession, and how it is inheritely weaker in terms of offensive abilities, and all sorts of weird and wonderful excuses for every one of your blunders. Now you have Zenichiro proving that

your entire life was based on false assumptions, and you might even have to confront the awful truth; that only YOU are responsible for your various downfalls. Why can't you mortals take responsibility for your mistakes as well as your achievements?

Why always scream out accusations and foulplay instead of trying to fix the faults within yourself?

As Zenichiro's Patron, I am fully aware of everything he has said and done. He is one of those rare rare few mortals nowadays who set out to do something grand, and achieved it. He shrugged off all the setbacks, and learnt from his mistakes. Why not t

ry to emulate that attitude, why not aspire to greatness instead of wallowing in the mud? You'll be amazed at the results.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Mournsend, in the year 999.