For your information.

First off I did congratulate you initially just goes how much to show you read

the posts directed to you.

Secondly the bards guild inner locations that lead to the storerooms were at one

time fully protected by runes and staves and there were almost no keys to get in there.

A similar scenario to that lead Magellan to describing the Loremasters guild as virtually


Thirdly I made no direct accusation of your getting help by gods or anyone else

I merely made the point that such insinuations of assiatnce and use of secondary

characters etc shouldnt provoke an environment where everyone must assume

that things that happen \"must\" have been foul play or cheating - rather it should

be the opposite.

Lastly I can assure you I have forgotten more about being a Loremaster than you will know

and you should thank me that I feel the need for pettiness such as going into the ins and outs

of your skills on this bb and how they can be used to break into places and how they can be thrawted.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Mournsend, in the year 999.