'The object of government IS fairness to all\" What your idea of fairness is to your citizens is YOUR business, and if THEY accept that then it is fair for your city. If they don't, they should challenge and that's what I put forward.

AND YES, The object of government IS to secure the prosperity and growth of ones nation and if this is done with intelligence and inspiration it is achieved with the total support of its people and without \"Crimes against Humanity\".

(It is also achieved with CCC armies and good generalship not thugs who prey on the young.)

And certainly I do not cower during the night or day, nor do a wish a boring cosy Avalon. I am not a pacifist, but I fear darkness, not your kind for that is simply another realm to conquer if it ever happens.

But the darkness I fear is the switching off of Avalon because stupidity has chased from it all the paying customers. (Quick lesson in economics - it takes RL money to keep all of us in a realm we enjoy. If Avalon, like any business is to survive

its competition, it has maintain a base level of happy customers - if they go, we go. Leaders should therefore listen to its citizens and talk to each to see which complaints are global to all cities and strive to remove these minor irritants so that

we c

Written by my hand on the 11th of Mournsend, in the year 999.