Cease thy utter drivel!!

'The object of government is fairness to all' - Nonsense!

The object of government is to secure the prosperity and growth

of ones nation. The path to power and dominance is paved in

bloodshed. The meek shall never inherit anything...

Your philosophies may sound as though they have deep meaning and

worth and I am sure they give you much comfort whilst you cower

in the night beneath your bedsheets, but I fear that all your

prayers, dreams and hopes for a pretty, nice, cosy, la-la Avalon

will do you less good than a solid shield when you face the

blade impending.

Wake up and smell the Wurtfoil, weakling-fool, the Darkness is rising

and it's approach leaves ye with only three choices. Death, Resistance

or acceptance.

Choose thy path, select your enemies well.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Eleuthral, in the year 999.