Your Post 14974.

An excellent post! But if I may, I would like to share (or add) another viewpoint. It is important in life to know how to fail as well as how to succeed but as a golden rule people feel more comfortable \"living\" in roles where success is afforded to t


more often than failure.

This being the case, a person who wishes battle chooses this because in that action believes that success can be gained. On the other hand, a person WHO IS NOT A PACIFIST but nevertheless looks for success in other activities beyond the field of battl


holds the hypothesis that an immaterial force animates the universe and concentrates NOT on honing skills in battle, BUT skills in labour or healing and is therefore an easy target for the 'heroic' fighter seeking easy prey -

even though the non-combatant could be of \"Higher Level\" to the fighter when \"Considered\".

A problem created by this anomaly is the cowardly act of attack without challenge and is one of the few practices that should be abolished.

(The only exception being when the target is doing an act detrimental to city or society, or performing an act to further the cause of war if the target is in a city at war; i. e. harvesting or collecting men.


That said, we should NOT be looking to the Gods to solve our problems for they have better things to do. (Such as laugh at our inadequacies and zap us from time to time, just to show they care.) BUT these things should, and MUST be solved by our leade


that's why we voted them in!

The object of Government is not peace or war, nor the glory of its rulers, but the happiness of the commoner and fairness to all. The challenge to our leaders is not everlasting peace, or establishment of a \"do good\" society (perish the thought),

but a determination to banish acts distasteful to the majority and to uphold these unilateral laws even in a world at war. To chastise a friend when he is wrong and applaud an enemy when he is right. It is their choice to rule by imagination or the pe


's choice to depose them for the lack of it!

Written by my hand on the 20th of Eleuthral, in the year 999.