Allanonto Sir Arthor, Scion of Darkness

You really are ignorant of the ways of Avalon to suggest one player having access to a Loremaster

character and a thief character (this is just a hyperthetical scenario) is not of additional

benefit in numerous ways.

Imagine if you wanted to generally get in locked up and protected house guilds and even storerooms

how handy it would be to have the combined skills of the best two thieving professions in Avalon to hand.

The thief to pick locks (an fortify locks) and the loremaster to steal rune, fell staves

and effectively remove the only true defence to keep a room locked (tomb runes).

Now I make no accustaions against Zenichiro because I have no idea whether the insinuations

make in the previous posts are true - however If I wanted to put up the Longnight

and retrieve treasure items from locations generallt inaccessible (the bards guild inner locations

is a good example) I would need a thief and loremaster skills and to

have those at hand whenever necessary would be rather handy.

Maybe you can see why I felt the situation regarding entry to the Loremasters guild was

handled badly, up till now all the Sun & Moon members who have been protecting Longnight items for years

have rubbed their heads and applauded Zenichiro or who ever got the items from safe locations

for their good play.

The seed of doubt is now sown, should we constantly go around assuming people have used underhand means to accomplish things

I am sure that were every act that couldnt be explained by people were brought to the attention

of divinities such as Magellan then everyone would very rapidly be told to stop whining

(of course Thakrians would be excepted from that because whining is no doubt a \"huggie\" trait).

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midwinter, in the year 999.