Your post 14946.

In regard to the request of a 'newbie' for me to be ready to portal, I concur, this surely did happen, but you forgot to mention that I did not react to the request.

Also, in one thing I do agree, it is a dirty tactic and one we should all work towards preventing.

However, in one thing you are wrong, it is a tactic used by every city and all sides. You forget I spend the vast majority of my time on Novice Watch and have a very clear picture of what goes on and have seen many conversations and coordinated moveme


between older players and the so-called 'Young' including some which you where involved in.

I have tended to ignore these goings on since they do not seem to be unilateral and certainly I have not been involved, nor will ever be involved in any such non-ethical tactic and ask that in future, when using my name do so in the correct context of

the occurance.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Agamnion, in the year 998.