Your Continued Existence.

So, what is it to be Parrius?

Are we of accord or not, I ask...

You are so ready to blame us for the LongNight, but you will find that

the cult comes from many, many places. Aye, even some from your own city.

Could it be you turn blade and insult upon us simply to protect your

own hides from any wrathful Mercinaens you may decide that your people

are also to blame in measure? Are ye cowering behind bravado?

Or perhaps there is something deeper here? Perhaps certain elements

have got hold of the reigns of power and are slowly but surely moving

your once proud and great city in a new direction, perhaps one that does

not reflect the free spirit that you have always treasured so? We never

treated you as lap dogs, but as equal partners and over the years we

have watched each others backs well. Must we now turn to watching

each others blades instead?

I tell ye this, for now, my people are released from the oaths which

bound them as regards Parrius. Hence, until such a time as you are

prepared to speak to us with a civil tongue and to come to agreement

once more, we have no choice but to treat you with the same respect

and regard that we treat SpringDale. Neither enemies nor allies, neither

at war, nor at peace.

When you finally decide you wish to talk, I will be waiting to hear your

words and we will readily negotiate treaties.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 998.