Your Impudence.

The Reverend Panaideosto Allanon

Allanon, as Magellan so wisely pointed out, clearly your years in this land

have provided you with little of the wisdom one might be expected to have

gained in the time spent by you here.

The Immortals are always within their rights, whatever actions they take.

They have earned their rights, i doubt there is a single mortal within this

land who cannot explain to you the great feats Magellan performed in order

to gain those rights. Bards tell those famous tales throughout the land

in every tavern from Thakria to Astrea's Delta.

Immortals try to stop the Long Night being raised and they try to stop it

being taken down, it sounds in this case like with good reason. In the end

though, their effectiveness seems only to reflect that of those mortals

who support them.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Agamnion, in the year 998.